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Start working with specialists

Let us know the number of developers you need and their level of expertise so we can get started!

What is Angular used for?

Angular is a TypeScript and HTML-based front-end framework for building web and mobile applications. Brought to us by Google, it was transformed into Angular 6 with a complete set of features that enable developers to build dynamic, modern UI of digital products.

Angular is a technology used by companies to build native apps and progressive web apps, that work for both mobile and desktop. The framework supports the front-end of many popular apps and can be the foundation of your next big project!

What apps are built using Angular?

To have a better perspective on the quality you can obtain by building apps with Angular, see some of the most popular ones based on this technology.

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There’s a reason why you need Angular in your project

Ease of maintenance

Two-way data binding eliminates the need for unnecessary code and lets you create lighter and faster apps that are easier to maintain, support, and update in the future.

Great level of user experience

Thanks to access to extensive UI libraries, developers can build beautiful visual elements of your product. The smooth interaction between UI components ensures a remarkable user experience.

Increased speed

Angular generates DOM data structures right away without passing them to the browser. As it doesn’t require manual HTML building it enables much faster development and data processing.

Code readability

Angular code is very consistent which makes it’s more clear and readable for new developers joining an ongoing project. This allows you to easily scale your project team without worrying about team performance.

How to hire Angular developers from Idego?

You can either expand your existing development team of additional Angular developers or build a dedicated team with Project Manager support. We make sure the whole process is secured by following our proven steps and methods. Start working with Angular experts who will transform your idea into a remarkable user experience.

Our software developers can

Become your new dedicated team on demand

Join your existing project team to help speed up the work

How we build software using Angular

Collecting requirements

Our work starts from in-depth business analysis. We need to know your challenges and collect requirements such as tech stack, the size of a development team, the aim of the project.

Agile process: step 1
Agile process: step 2

Dividing the work into sprints

As we follow Agile technique, we work in weekly sprints so that we have better control over the final result. After each cycle we meet to summarise our work and plan next tasks.

Improving & modifying

Your Angular solution is developed through series of iterations. Thanks to daily communication we know what to implement in the next release so that we get closer to the final version.

Agile process: final step

Delivering the final result

Finally your solution is ready to serve your purposes. From here, our developers can support you in the maintenance services.

What you get when you hire our Angular developers

Things that describe our collaboration

Scale your team
up or down

YWorking with us, you can easily increase the size of your team depending on the project status and your requirements. Do you need Senior Angular developers ASAP? Yes, we can arrange that.

Save time on recruitment

You don’t need to spend money on recruitment procedures that will consume months of work. Write to us and we will set up your development team in a matter of a week!

Reduce office-related costs

When you extend your project team of remote Angular experts you don’t have to invest in bigger office space to work with them. You can also skip all the office perks and standard hiring procedures.

Get dedicated support

If you need a little bit more assistance, hire a dedicated team with a PM who will pilot the project for you and will keep you always updated about the progress.

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Idego Group provides effective, efficient development resources that deliver results within a very detailed scope. They have dedicated project management, are focused on task completion, and maintain consistent communication.