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Footplayers is a platform that connects football fans, providing space to share with their passion


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Footplayers product pitch

Product Pitch

Footplayers is a web application that serves as a platform for scheduling football matches. It’s targeted at real football players that look for teams to compete with. Users can create their own profiles, add a new team, follow players’ accounts, schedule matches, and see their position in the ranking. The platform also enables easy communication through the chat.

Main features

Footplayers is a platform that connects football fans, providing space to share with their passion

User registration

Built-in chat

Payment system

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Our client wanted to develop a web application dedicated to the community of football players. Football players need to play so as to not get out of practice but also to have fun on a daily basis. The aim was to give them a platform on which they can schedule matches with real football teams and enjoy their favorite sport.

The web application was to enable an easy option to form a team or join an already existing one and build one’s position in the app ranking. The built-in system was to rate players and teams with the highest number of won matches. This way, the users have an opportunity to find skilled players and teams to join but also feel a sense of competition that motivates them to be better in football.

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First thing was to develop a user registration system that enables players to create their accounts. Each user had an option to add a new team to the platform but also search available matches to which they could join on its own. We then integrated the app with a chat system to ease the communication between users.

The dashboard was designed to display all matches and their status - finished, or scheduled, with an easy option to join in. We developed a special ranking system to distinguish the most successful players and teams. The top players and current ranking positions are also visible on the dashboard.

We integrated the app with the payment system to enable easy settlements for the platform. We also wanted the platform to be able to locate available playing fields where the match would take place. This way users would only pick the location from the list and then set up the date and time of the football game. For this purpose, we integrated the app with Google maps and also added an option to type in a new location.


Footplayers app connects all football sports enthusiasts by giving them a platform to monitor their progress and share with their passion.

Footplayers front

Football players can use Footplayers app to:

Register a football player profile

Users register their accounts and create their own player profiles. In the profile, they can add details such as the name of the football club, their position on the field, etc. The profile includes also the number of played matches and followers.

Find players to start a match with

The platform enables users to find players and form football teams. Users can follow accounts they like and make friends with other football fans. They also can invite players to their team or form a new one by clicking “add a team”.

Communicate with football players

The app dashboard includes a chat window to make the communication more convenient and allow users to discuss the match details or enjoy a conversation.

Schedule football matches

Players schedule football matches by choosing the location, date, time, and team configurations. The dashboard immediately updates the list of planned matches, showing its details to the users.

Build a position in the ranking

Footplayers has its own ranking system to distinguish the best players and teams. The top players with a maximum of won matches are displayed on the side section of the dashboard. The users can also individually rate other players.

Footplayers mobile view

"Designing a platform I focused greatly on its usability by putting all the necessary information in a convenient dashboard space."

Jacek Żabicki
Product Designer

Project summary

Footplayers received a positive feedback from the football community which was shown by the 130% increase in players’ interaction and 1000 new users in the first month. The app provided football players with an easy way to share with their passion and find other people for whom football plays a huge role in life. Footplayers app generates up to 200 matches monthly and its popularity still grows.

Footplayers dashboard

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