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We have a free consultation for you!

Should you use Django for your project?

Django is a powerful framework that supports Python, which has recently peaked in popularity. Companies such as NASA, Udemy, Dropbox, Youtube, Mozilla and Instagram benefit from the enormous potential of the technology. If Django met the expectations of tech giants, it is worth betting on this framework.

The second, preliminary argument in favor of choosing Django is a great community willing to help, which is constantly growing simultaneously with the popularity of Python.

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Check out the largest companies using Django

When we look at the top IT giants there is always a Django development company among them. We’ve prepared for you a list of six largest companies that use the technology. If the greatest innovators of today are using Django, maybe it's time for you to become an innovator of our times?

Instagram logo


an American social networking service owned by Facebook, that’s main purpose is photo and video-sharing. Instagram app allows users for publishing photos and videos that can be edited and organized with tags and location information.

NASA logo


National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the federal agency responsible for aeronautics, aerospace research, and the civilian space program. The headquarter is based in America where NASA is focused mainly on better understanding Earth and exploring the space with advanced robotic spacecraft missions.

Udemy logo


an online educational platform that enables sharing skills and knowledge through online courses. The platform offers over 130,000 different courses in a vast range of subjects that have their respective prices but can also be for free.

Mozilla logo


is a free software community created by Netscape. Most known is their Firefox web browser but their products include also Thunderbird e-mail client, Firefox OS mobile operating system, Bugzilla bug tracking system and many others.

YouTube logo


an American video-sharing platform that allows users to watch any videos starting from music videos to live streams and short documentary films. The users can subscribe to their favorites accounts or create their own and upload their own content.

Spotify logo


is a digital music streaming service that gives access to a large music and podcast library. Spotify app offers two types of accounts: a premium monthly subscription service or a free one which is supported by advertising. The app has around 140 million active registered users being the top music streaming service beating even Apple Music.

How we create your Django solutions

Step 1

Let’s kick off your idea!
You have a clear vision. Specific budget. The desire to win and change the world with your solution. You've come to the perfect place, we turn visions and dreams into real solutions that change the world.

Step 2

It’s all about details
We are very sensitive about high-quality communication and clarifying the message. It is very easy to make a mistake in the discussion when we are in the first phase of talks - many ideas appear, the discussion gathers pace and it's hard to keep it under control. We know how to prevent this.

Step 3

We start working hard
We know what you need and what value your project brings to the world. Leave the rest to us, we have 10 years of experience and we know how to create great web solutions.

Step 4

Testing time
It's worth testing the solution we've created thoroughly, we want your customers' satisfaction! Our testers will gladly analyze all possibilities and make you not have to worry.

Step 5

Maintaining your solution and support
Maintaining your solution and support after the software development phase is over is extremely important. We know how to make your solution current and tailored to the trends and needs of customers.

What our Django development company can do for Your business

Are you not convinced yet about the opportunities Django has to offer? Here are a few benefits you can get by working with our Django development company.


Project analysis & estimation

at the very beginning we carefully analyze the project and provide you with the initial estimation. It is to give you a prognosis of the collaboration and the final results.


Top-shelf technology

our developers specialize in advanced technologies that enable us to build absolutely everything from scratch. They are full of passion for what they do and constantly develop their skills.


Agile workflow

choosing the Agile methodology we divided our work in a way to always finish on time. We regularly monitor the progress of the project and don’t let anything surprise us.


10 years of experience

Idego is here since 2010 providing clients with exactly what they need. Our knowledge and 10 years of experience in the field are what make us the IT experts.


Solid testing procedure

the product is never done if not tested. Before we present to you the final results we make sure every functionality works without interferences.


Full commitment

we are here to offer you advice, support your ideas and provide you with feedback whenever you need it. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Whatever the problem is, we will fix it.

Our previous Django development projects

Nudity Detection API


We've created a solution based on AI technology. The main intention in creating the project was nudity detection, proper categorization and pixelization. Thanks to the appropriate classification with a very high dose of probability, AI knew what kind of nudity this was. This solution allowed to relieve people who had to browse thousands of photos every day.


  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • System maintenance

Nudity Detection and Abusive Content Classifier

As a result, we've created an API to which, after pasting the URL with the photo, we could, in addition to the mere nudity, be examined using AI - sex, age, emotions. We created all the software based on the Agile approach. This solution saved hundreds of hours and streamlined work.

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