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Free consultation for Toronto!

Free consultation for Toronto!

Custom software development services

Bot mitigation engine that
protects web apps


We created solution that automates bot protection on your website or mobile app


  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • System maintenance

I knew perfectly well how my frontend project was developing, I had a sense of professionalism from Idego Group all the time. I had great contact with developers, they answered my messages very quickly and accurately answered questions. It was a pure pleasure development.


Marc / Guardomic CEO



software specialists


growing team

We’ve grown to a team of over 70 great software developers that have been working together for years. We’re more than happy when new people join us to support our work.


Solid IT company

11 years

on the market

Our company started in 2010 and since then we have been continuously providing the highest quality support and maintenance services. We have 11 years of experience in delivering successful projects to companies from all around the world.


Agile Team



We believe that success largely depends on internal and external communication. Regular meetings and daily progress reporting are essential parts of our Agile-based work.

Our CTO will e-mail you

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Chris Gibas

CTO / co-founder

cto - Chris Gibas

Chris Gibas

CTO / co-founder

Why should you choose our software developers?


good team

We care
about people

We are careful listeners who pay attention to what you say and what you need. You can always ask us for advice and we will figure out the best possible solution


project update

24/7 Project

Working with us you’re given access to the project that is continuously updated. This way you see all the changes that we introduce and you can immediately respond to the progress


remote support

Senior developers
on board

Our team consists of an impressive number of senior developers. Their expertise helps us to deliver dozens of projects from different industries for clients located on different continents.


soft skill

We are the
unique 5%

We hire only the best ones whose work comes from passion. Our recruitment procedure helps in finding developers that meet our high expectations.

How to start working with our software company?

Step 1


Let's work out and idea for our business collaboration. During a short introductory call with our CTO, we will get into the project scope and your expectations.

Step 2

Choosing Software

In just a week, we will present you the best candidate profiles available for your project. The choice is yours.

Step 3


We make sure that the team is on board/well acquainted with your vision of the product, processes and standards.

Step 4


From now on, we support you on a daily basis and participate in every project standups.

Software development company Toronto - Q&A

1. How many years has your business been operating for?
Idego Group has been operating since 2010. We have been through many projects, challenges and remote iT teams building. Our experience also involves different kinds of industries: healthcare, IoT, e-commerce, ML and Artificial Intelligence.

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