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Gratis konsultation för Stockholm!

Gratis konsultation för Stockholm!

Development Team in Stockholm services

Bot mitigation engine that
protects web apps


We created solution that automates bot protection on your website or mobile app


  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • System maintenance

I knew perfectly well how my frontend project was developing, I had a sense of professionalism from Idego Group all the time. I had great contact with developers, they answered my messages very quickly and accurately answered questions. It was a pure pleasure development.


Marc / Guardomic CEO



software specialists

70 developers +

We are growing with over 70 great developers on board. Our team has been working together for years and we get along very well.


Solid IT company

11 years of


We provide our clients with tech expertise since 2010. Our extensive knowledge of technologies and trends in design has led us to a point when we aren’t afraid of any challenges. We deliberately take on more of them!


Agile Team

Agile workflow

We work in Agile methodology as it allows as to always deliver on time even when a project changes in scope. Our developers regularly inform the team about finished tasks so the project can go smoothly.

Our CTO will e-mail you

Chris will dispel your doubts and talk about your project today!

Chris Gibas

CTO / co-founder

cto - Chris Gibas

Chris Gibas

CTO / co-founder

Why should you choose our developers?


good team

We do have
soft skills too

We are not just "coders". We are people who pay attention to what you say and need. Apart from the development, we believe in healthy communication and progress reporting to keep our clients always up to date with the project state.


project update

project update

You have access to the project that is constantly updated whenever new modifications are introduced. This way you always have a clear picture of how it looks like to immediately respond to changes.


remote support

11 years as
a remote support

Our team has been providing remote support for 11 years now working with companies from around the world. We know how to do it so the clients regardless of their location, are given the best development assistance.


soft skill

We hire only 5%
of all developers

Our recruitment processes are prepared in a way to hire only those who meet our high standards. That’s why we are certain we provide you with the best possible development team.

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