Customer Management App

Application for mechanics companies

Customer Management App


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Product Pitch

The product is a customer management platform for mechanics companies. It’s in the form of a web application that increases efficiency and organization of work. The app includes a built-in schedule system for client appointments and statistics section which informs about a company’s financial condition and future revenue predictions. The product has also a separate section to store employees’ personal information and track their engagement in work.

Main features

  • Optimization of company document management
  • Integration with the statistics module
  • Built-in schedule system
Application for mechanics companies


The need for better management

Our client was a mechanics company with a need for a system to manage their services and clients. The company was expanding in size and the paper calendar stopped being a sufficient option to schedule repairs, meetings and workshops. Also, the client wanted to have control over the investments and revenues to be able to better plan future steps.

The company tried out other digital solutions but none of them was personalized enough to ensure smooth company operations. They need a system to control their spendings and build their client base.

"We’ve decided it’s time to invest in a dedicated platform that would increase our organization and help us keep track over our finances."

management app
Brainstorm led us here

The project specification consisted of several pinpoints that we needed to take care of. The platform had to measure the company’s revenues and efficiency. It had to enable adding events and notes to a shared calendar. In addition, the platform was to provide separate sections for keeping orders and the client base.

First, we integrated the product with the statistics module able to measure the company’s finance operations and on their basis provide prognosis about future revenues. The statistics section could be customized showing only most important results. The default version was showing the comparison of company’s monthly revenues versus monthly investments, the comparison of financial statements between the current and previous year and the global distribution of investors.

During the process, we came up with an idea to expand the project of an additional section. We wanted to optimize the company document management and storage by providing a place for keeping their employees’ personal data. The employees’ section would allow for monitoring of their current duties, salary and days off. Our client would then have comprehensive software for customer and employee management.

To enable effective planning, we equipped the platform with a built-in calendar. This way, all the appointments, repairs and workshops were scheduled and saved in one, convenient place. Next, we took care of orders and customers.

We added a section dedicated to the client base where a company would store all contact information, details about repairs and payment details. While all the current planned and finished services would be listed in the orders.

We delivered something great

Our final product was a customer and finance management app for mechanics companies.

The features of the customer management platform include:
Access to statistics

that provides financial analysis and future revenue prognosis.

Built-in calendar

to trace the number of daily duties and meetings with clients.

Customers section

to build the client base and store customers’ personal information such car brands, descriptions of damages incurred, date of the latest service.

Orders list

where the company can monitor the status of all the repairs and services.

Employees data management

through a panel consisting of a list of all employees, their current duties, personal information, contract expiration date and the number of days off.

Customer Management App: Workers Customer Management App: Calendar

"I wanted to give them a platform offering the most convenience and clarity. The dashboard sections are divided to ensure ease of keeping track of current duties."

Jakub Spioch
Product Designer

Project summary

The product turned out to be a huge relief for our client’s business. The functionalities of the customer management app provided the company with a 45% increase in organization and efficiency. Thanks to the statistics module, our client boost finance management by up to 60% and has already achieved a 15% higher return on investment.

Customer Management App: statistics

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