Custom Web Application Development

Custom Web Application Development

Are you looking for a team of developers who have extensive experience and will create your project from scratch? You have come to the right place!

We have a free
consultation for you!

We have a free consultation for you!

What is custom web application development?

A web application is a solution that is located between a website and a standard application in the operating system. This means, among other things, that interaction with the user is usually possible using a regular web browser.

The web application consists of data and a mechanism for providing them in the form of dynamically generated websites. It does not need to be installed because all resources are available at the specified URL. In this type of application, the interaction can be provided by forms, which is similar to using normal websites.

When carrying out each project, we ensure that it meets our client's needs 100%. Such possibilities are provided by individual design of internet applications and then implementation of dedicated web applications. Our web applications are custom-made products, like a tailor-made suit.

Is custom web application development for you?

Yes of course! As long as communication with us is consistent, clear and both sides are thoroughly informed on a regular basis, as long as the project develops at a very fast pace. That is why we often repeat one thing: let's set our needs, understand the challenges and get to work. If you are here, it means that you want to join the group of tech-leaders who want to take to the next level. It's hard to find a better way to improve your business and take it to a new level than to find a remote development team that will solve your problem.

It is important that we understand your company’s culture, how to cooperate with partners. Then it is much easier to meet in the so-called golden mean of cooperation.

Step by Step

Custom web application
development process

Well-defined needs

We start with an in-depth analysis of your needs and defining project requirements. We want to operate on numbers, facts, and real challenges that we have to face.

Well-chosen developers

Three juniors developers and one mid? Or maybe you need two senior developers? We can help you make that choice that will allow you to optimize costs, avoid unnecessary problems, and focus on regular delivery.

on MVP

Building an MVP allows you to validate your product by the real users. It provides valuable insights and let us know how to improve the final version of your web app.


Our custom software development team will support your project after the release. Also, if you decide to scale your solution - we’re here to help!

Krzysztof Gibas

Custom web application development - a dedicated development team

We work with partners from around the world, create remote teams of programmers, support clients on several lines and advise them to create the best possible software. Custom web app development requires the ability to adapt to changing industry conditions that’s why we offer a flexible service.

Our software developers can

Join your existing project to help speed up its development

Form your new dedicated team on-demand

How do we estimate
your idea?

We charge only for hours of developers’ work. If your project turns out to be less complicated, you’re not obliged to pay a fixed price for it. Thanks to this approach, you pay for exactly what you’ve ordered.

working time

working time

level of project

level of project



used technology

used technology

number of developers

number of developers

Benefits of custom web
application development

Saving on in-house resources

Expanding a project team of additional developers allows companies to work only with those specialists who are needed at a given time, on a specific project. Thanks to this, enterprises can focus on the course of the process and its results, without incurring high costs of recruitment and employment.

Saving precious time

Recruitment is often a very long process. Working with our developers allows you to significantly reduce the time to implement new projects. This is because we can provide you with the right people in a matter of a week! And after that, you can scale up or down your remote development team depending on your needs.

Minimizing the costs of IT training

A company may opt-out of a significant portion of IT training because it is up to us, as a service provider, to follow the latest technologies and trends. Therefore, you get effective and modern solutions without having to invest in expanding your employees' knowledge.

Case studies

Our custom web application projects

Check out our client’s opinion

CEO, BF International

Łukasz Perkowski / CEO, BF International

We are now able to get things done more quickly, and we are more accurate with our quotations for clients. Idego fit our needs and were always available to answer any questions we had. Everything was scheduled, and we knew what they were doing.