Couchbase Server, originally known as Membase, is an open source, distributed, NoSQL document-oriented database optimized for interactive applications. Such applications should serve many concurrent users by storing, creating retrieving, manipulating, aggregating and presenting data. Couchbase is designed to provide easy-to-scale key-value, document access with low latency and high sustained throughput in support of these kinds of application needs. It has been designed for clustering from a single machine to very large scale deployments spanning many machines.

Couchbase Server offers on-the-wire client protocol compatibility, for those familiar with memcached but has been designed for adding disk persistence, live cluster reconfiguration, data replication and rebalancing. JSON documents are used for representing application objects as well as the relationships between objects With Couchbase Server.

With Couchbase Server, it is easy to scale your application both between clusters at different data centers and within a cluster of servers. You may add additional instances of Couchbase Server for addressing growth in application data and additional users without any interruptions in your application code. You can rapidly grow your cluster of Couchbase Servers with one click of a button for handling additional workload and keeping data evenly distributed.

Couchbase Server offers automatic rebalancing at run time; this enables resizing your server cluster on demand.  Couchbase Server has been designed for massively consistent high throughput and concurrent data use. It offers consistent sub-millisecond response times that help ensure an enjoyable experience for your application users. By offering consistent, high data throughput, Couchbase Server allows supporting of more users with fewer servers.

All these features of Couchbase Server have enabled development of web applications where high throughput and low–latency are required by end users. Developers can rapidly scale up their web applications by adding servers as well as web applications may quickly access the right information within a Couchbase cluster.

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