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X1 software is a panel dedicated to fuel card system management






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X1 Software product pitch

Product Pitch

X1 software is a savings monitoring platform for smaller and bigger enterprises that use a fuel card system. The platform is connected to the client’s fuel card and enables monitoring of the costs saved on fuel, road tolls, car insurance, and service. The system is integrated with a statistics module which shows one’s car expenses over a selected time range. All the X1 software features can be easily accessed from the control panel that consists of elements such as partners, insurance, settlements, or costs calculator.

Main features

X1 software is a panel dedicated to fuel card system management

Integration with
a statistics module

Fuel Card
system monitoring

Integration with
a payment system



The idea was to facilitate fuel and road charges by creating a special fuel card system. The system offered companies purchase of fuel at a wholesale price, a special card for all road charges, and VAT return for all car expenses. The cards had to be connected with a dedicated platform on which every client would monitor their savings.

The fuel card system was meant to simplify the issue of settlements for road charges and offer additional benefits to companies in the form of discounts on car services. We also wanted to help businesses get a VAT return for fuel purchases and other expenses incurred in the EU.

X1 software calculations

"Thanks to great teamwork on both sides, we were able to deliver X1 Software in a record time frame."

Krzysztof Gibas
CTO, Idego


We started by building a platform for cost monitoring. The platform had to be clear and intuitive and help businesses effectively save money. All fuel card payments were to be visible immediately in the control panel. We also integrated the software with a statistics module to enable companies to analyze their savings.

From the panel, clients could easily enter different services to check exactly how much they saved on certain expenses. The navigation menu was divided into fuel, insurance, tires, service, and road tolls sections. We added a special costs calculator for counting future expenses. The panel was also expanded with a settlements section where companies could store all their documents.


The cooperation resulted in X1 software. The fuel card system helps companies save money on car expenses and manage their settlements.

X1 software layout

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X1 software enables companies to:

Monitor their savings

Each section displays the expenses of a given service. All the savings are presented on bar charts and diagrams to enable companies to analyze their spendings.

Purchase fuel at wholesale price

Clients can buy fuel at fixed discount prices and have guaranteed better rates for road tolls throughout Europe.

Manage all the settlements

The panel consists of a dedicated section for all the company settlements. This way all road charges and car expenses are stored in one place.

Get faster VAT return

Companies using the fuel card system don’t need to bother with all the paperwork. They get faster VAT return for car expenses without additional document filling.

X1 software panel

"The project involved a lot of work on smaller gadgets. Apart from the system, I designed also the fuel card, t‑shirts, and many marketing materials. It was cool that we made something so consistent from the beginning to the end."

Jacek Żabicki
Product Designer

Project summary

Possibility of payment for all road tolls with one card makes the process simple and quick. X1 software helps companies save up to 75% of costs spent on fuel and road charges. The software provides precise calculations and efficient settlement management, presenting detailed summaries of all the company’s savings and expenses.

X1 software app

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