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Cargologic is a comprehensive logistics system for shipping companies.







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Cargologic increases performance and organization of forwarding companies


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cargologic product pitch

Product Pitch

Cargologic is a logistics system dedicated to a document management in fowarding companies The system provides easy access to all of company’s transporter and shipment details. It enables forwarding companies to monitor and control the shipping process through an intuitive shipping search panel. Cargologic also stores all of data of company’s transporters in one place.

Main features

Cargologic increases performance and organization of forwarding companies

Document management

Workflow optimization

Integration with Google Maps

shipping process control system



Our client in this project was handling a huge database of carriers and transportation services. The problem that the company encountered was the increasing amount of paperwork that had to be done in order to fully manage their shipping procedures. With the number of monthly transport operations they had to deal with, handling the database on paper wasn't the quickest and most optimal way to do that. Not only did it take a lot of time, but it was also impossible to fully monitor and control.


The idea was to create software for shipping process control that would accelerate company document management and provide workflow optimization.

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The company wanted to build a system to store all shipment details in one place, including transporters’ data and shipping information (transporter name, date of the shipment, location, transport route, and contact details). It would greatly increase organization within the company and make it possible to track orders.

"The team was very involved in the project and took care of every aspect we mentioned during meetings. It was a great pleasure to work with Idego and I for sure recommend their services."

CEO, BF International

Thanks to continuous communication with the client we got a full insight into the specifics of the work of the forwarder. The company drew our attention to the most important product functionalities, thanks to which their work would be much easier and faster. Our team carefully listened to all the requirements and needs. We also suggested some features that would make the company's document management even more convenient.


Using all the information gathered during daily meetings and calls we created Cargologic - a system for shipping database management, based on Python and Django technology.

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Cargologic includes functionalities such as:

Shipping Search Panel

The administration panel enables a forwarding company to find all the shipments saved in their the database. The data can be easily filtered by location, address, or transporter name. From the panel, a company can also enter the list of all transporters, routes, and system users.

Transporter Profile

The function stores all information about a given transporter in one company profile. This way a forwarding company can manage the transporter's base and quickly find the necessary information needed for invoice issuing or to contact a particular transporter company.

Adding users

A forwarding company may create multiple user accounts to manage the system database. The user accounts may have different licenses set up to control access to particular information.

List of routes

The Cargologic system is integrated with Google Maps to facilitate navigation and store all available routes.

"The system was meant primarily to be functional and simple in use. I made sure that the control panel is as uncomplex as possible yet able to perform complicated operations."

Jacek Żabicki
Product Designer

Project summary

The Cargologic system is suitable for use in small businesses as well as bigger enterprises. It ensures 100% control over the shipping process, providing easy access to all shipment information. The system enables forwarding companies to track their performance and increase organization. It makes company document management 80% faster and more convenient.

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