Resource Management for healthcare facilities


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We took part in the charity hackathon - Hackcrisis: Tech for Good for which we developed the Poland4Medics app in less than 48 hours!

Product Pitch

Poland4Medics is a web application dedicated to hospitals and medical facilities. The app has helped in resource management during the COVID-19 pandemic and serves as a channel between volunteers and medical care workers. Volunteers can register on the platform to help health institutions with supply demands for masks, gloves, and general medical equipment.

Main features

Poland4Medics enables people to support health institutions in the fight against COVID‑19

  • Development of resource management system
  • User registration system
  • Integration with Google maps
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The COVID-19 pandemic has drained the resources of health institutions and has deprived medical care workers of protective equipment. During this national health crisis, the hospitals and medical facilities have run out of masks, gloves, and medical articles needed to fight with the virus and help patients infected with it.

The current situation affects the organization within hospitals and makes their work less effective. As a result, medical care workers have to risk their own health to help COVID victims. What’s more, the increasing number of patients makes it difficult to ensure everyone is properly protected to prevent a life-threatening condition.

We wanted to build a solution that would increase the effectiveness of the healthcare industry, support the work of medical staff, and increase safety among patients and physicians.



As the government is not efficient in providing all medical facilities with needed resources, the idea was to encourage volunteers to support the healthcare system. For this purpose, we started working on an app that would allow for the cooperation between individual volunteers and medical centers.

The idea of app was to enable hospitals and medical facilities to create a profile and list the needed resources. Then volunteers would register their profiles to add resources they want to share. We divided the app into sections to ease matching the available supply with the real needs of hospitals. The next step was to allow hospitals to book available resources and get information about approximate delivery time.

We integrated the app with Google maps to show the distance between the volunteer and the institution that needs resources. We did it so that people located 50m from the facility could help it right away. It was done also so that health institutions see the location of the available supplies.


We developed Poland4Medics which is a web application providing medical facilities with an additional support channel.

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Poland4Medics supports health institutions by providing:

Automated cooperation of supply

The app is a resource management system that increases organization within medical centers and ensures smooth functioning during of the pandemic.

Real-time connection with supply providers

The app serves as a real-time communication channel between recipients (hospitals) and providers (individual volunteers) that shortens the delivery time. Each resource added on the platform includes the volunteer's contact details.

Booking of available supplies

Hospitals and medical centers can use the platform to book available supplies provided by volunteers. The supply deliveries are stored in the "Ry Reservations" section where hospitals can also see the delivery time and supply description.

The option to list requirements

Health institutions can use the platform to inform others about all their current needs in terms of medical equipment. This way volunteers know exactly how they can contribute.

What our team says

"The words that our world has a chance to beat Coronavirus thanks to technology make our industry and skills take on new meaning."

Piotr Groza / CEO, Idego

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"I’m proud of the level of commitment the team has put into the project to deliver it on such tight schedule."

Krzysztof Detlaf / Project Manager

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"Poland4Medics is a great initiative and I’m happy to be able to design a product that will soon benefit more people."

Jakub Spioch / Product Designer

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Project summary

Our little step can sometimes mean a lot to the world. The current pandemic shows the need for extraordinary solutions and we want to help in the fight as much as we can. Poland4Medics is our response to the national health crisis and we believe it’s a tool that will greatly increase the effectiveness and safety of the healthcare industry.

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