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System for car-sharing management and financial analysis

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Case results

Car rental booking system helps manage car-sharing services and control the company’s profits


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Car-Sharing Services


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Boost your car-sharing services

Car rental booking system is a modern approach to car-sharing services. It’s a dedicated web application to manage bookings and finances of a car rental agency. The dashboard displays the car base and enables easy reservation process. The system provides access to analytics and reports based on the company’s sales. What’s more, co-workers can easily communicate with each other through the built-in chat and add events to a shared calendar.

Main features

Car rental booking system helps manage car-sharing services and control the company’s profits

Access to analytics
and reports

Booking system


In need of a smart booking system

Car sharing has gained huge popularity over the years. Car rental companies have to deal with more competitors on the market and need to invest in only more advanced technology to manage their revenues and plan their development.

Our client was a car rental company with a need for a smart booking system to manage all the services in one place. Having a wide range of available cars, the company had problems keeping track over each order. Clients often booked cars for a longer period of time and the company couldn’t manage all the bookings effectively. Since the cars were very luxurious, the need to control the bookings was even more important.

What’s more, the aggressive competition on the market seemed to be only growing and the customers started to be more picky when it comes to car-sharing services. The company needed a tool that would enable a precise analysis of sales. Only through detailed financial analysis, the company could spot the periods when the marketing wasn’t effective or the spendings were too high.

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"Investing in a dedicated system is always a good choice for companies. The booking system we made is tailored to the needs of our client and we based it on the latest technology."

Piotr Groza
CEO, Idego

Our development team in action

The project required our best Back-end and Front-end developers and our great Product Designer. After discussing all the requirements we decided to base the system on Python and Django. The two technologies we are experts in.

The booking system was our main focus. We wanted the reservation panel to be clear and enable quick search of available cars. We decided that the best way to achieve that is to provide an option to filter the car base by selected criterium such as car brand, power, location, and status. From the booking panel company would easily enter the rest of the sections.

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We then integrated the Car rental booking system with a reporting tool to enable a detailed analysis of the company’s profits. Statistics section is where a manager would see the current financial condition of the company. We made it possible to filter the profits by a chosen car brand to see how much customers are attracted to a given model. Once a report is generated it can be easily downloaded.

The last thing we thought would be helpful, was to provide a company with a dedicated communication channel. This way each company-related issue was handled via the company’s chat. What’s more, managers could schedule daily meetings in a shared calendar that automatically copied an event to each user’s timetable. The functionality greatly improved the management of daily duties between employees.

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Car rental booking system takes your company on a higher level

Control car bookings

The booking panel enables quick searching of available cars and their reservation. From here the company can set up the car status and see the car specification (model, power, location, brand). Thanks to different filters the management of car bookings is much more effective.

Set up target sales

Thanks to the statistics module the company can monitor car rental sales and the company’s financial condition. The integration with the reporting tool enables managers to generate and download sales reports of the chosen period. Here the managers can also set up their target sales and verify which car brand attracts more customers.

Keep an eye on important events

Calendar and timetable help everyone remember important meetings with clients and the board. Using a shared calendar, each member of the company can plan their day-off and inform the rest of the team. What’s more, the car rental booking system offers two modes (light/dark) as an additional feature so one can adjust the color aesthetics of the dashboard as they prefer.

Communicate with your co-workers

The car rental booking system has a built-in chat that enables easy communication with co-workers and helps in keeping different subjects in separate communication channels.

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Project summary

Introducing the car rental booking system, our client gained huge control over daily duties. The agency started to analyze their revenues using the statistics module and could easily come up with new solutions to increase their income. Performing all reservations and analysis online, the company experienced a 20% cost reduction. What’s more, the platform provided them with a 75% better management of bookings and a better view of the number of clients the company attracts monthly. Car rental booking system implementation contributed to a 25% increase in the company’s car-sharing services.

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