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The lending platform is the quickest way to repay your credit


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The product is a web application for the effective management of loans. It’s the most convenient and quick method to repay one’s credit. The peer-to-peer lending platform has a built-in loan calculator that helps users calculate the number of installments. The functionality of the app enables continuous monitoring of the increase in interest, overdue payments, and the number of one’s loans.

Main features

The lending platform is the quickest way to repay your credit

Loan management optimization

Bank account integration

Interest calculation

The idea to facilitate the process of granting credits

When we think about getting a loan the process seems to be complicated, full of hidden catches and loopholes that scare us to sign the papers and get the money we need. After applying for credit, we wait for the decision and the end of the verification like it was never going to happen. Where in fact, the process should be transparent and easy, to encourage more customers to get credit.

The most common mistake is to sign a contract with a creditor who has a very high-interest rate. It’s mostly due to a lack of knowledge or research to find a better offer. People not always understand how the interest rate works and they usually end up disappointed.

On the other hand, after getting a few loans, people tend to lose their way around the amount of money they have to pay. Sometimes they have each credit in a different bank and then it is more difficult for them to manage.

That’s exactly what our client wanted to change. The project was a web application that was about to revolutionize the way people think about loans and help them better manage credit through a convenient online profile.

We started working on something great

We specialize in co-development so our developers joined the team of our client to help accelerate the project delivery. Our back-end and front-end developer along with a dedicated project manager was working on the solution while continuously exchanging information with the client. The key to success is always transparent communication and awareness of the common goal.

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The project included a calculator that would enable users to estimate the total costs of a loan (along with the compound interest). A user would enter a dashboard, choose the purpose of a loan (for travel, a car, home makeover, etc.), and then would easily configure the number of installments that is most suitable for them.

“Working on the solution was like building an app for yourself. We all had many ideas about what else could be done better in the process of getting a loan.”

Krzysztof Detlaf
Project Manager

We integrated the app with a payment system and ensured the easy configuration of one’s profile with the bank account. Each user profile included information about their loan history, which was to facilitate the process of document verification. After successful configuration users would see a summary of all their loans (current and past) along with the outstanding payments and the option to pay off the loan choosing a suitable method (Paypal, credit card, etc.).

From an idea to launch day

After the testing process was done, we were ready to show the final product. The web application was fully secure to reach the audience and help them in the process of getting a loan.

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The web application enables people to:

Create a trustworthy profile

Whether taking a loan on a business or on a person, a user creates an online profile with all the information about previously taken loans. Based on the information, the creditors verify and decide about the loan while the users can monitor the status on their personal dashboard.

Use the loan calculator

The built-in loan calculator enables users to calculate the repayment of a loan by showing the number of installments along with the interest rate. This way they can configure credit that is most suitable for them.

Get personalized loans

The process of getting a loan is facilitated thanks to the online platform. The peer-to-peer lending platform enables access to separate modules each tailored to a specific need (car, real estate, business, personal).

Loans home start

Check a creditor profile

The peer-to-peer lending platform shows best-rated loan creditors on the market. The ranking is always updated which ensures an easy verification and analysis of the most reliable loan offers. It also accelerates the process of signing the documents.

Monitor the outstanding panel

Users have a view of the amount of money along with the interest that is yet to pay. This way they are more aware of the status of their credit which helps them better manage their finances. As a result, they can repay the loan faster.

Pay a loan right away

The app enables quick repayment of the installments or even the whole credit just by one click. Each user account is connected with their bank account which facilitates the payment process and ensures secure transactions.

Project summary

The lending platform is a product that helps people repay their loans even 5% faster. The ability to see the status of each credit and to calculate the installments before signing an offer give users enough convenience to start better manage their money. In fact, users manage their finances up to 30% better when using the app. Thanks to the ranking of creditors and the personalized modules, the process of configuring and getting the loan is 20% easier which encourages people to use the services more often.

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