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Momentum is an ESG wealth management system that helps you make the right investments


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Responsible capital investments

Momentum is a rating system for the financial industry that helps the investment companies, banks, and individual investors make good choices and efficiently manage their capital. The ESG Wealth Management system collects data about Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores that determine a company’s future financial performance. Thanks to a detailed insight, an investment company can predict the sustainability of a company and decide whether to invest money and buy some of its stocks.

Main features

Momentum is an ESG wealth management system that helps you make the right investments

Report generation

ESG database integration

Market monitoring

What are ESG investments?

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) refer to the three fundamental factors in measuring the sustainability of an investment. Following these criteria, investors screen a potential company and decide about possible return and risk associated with that choice. Based on the ESG profile, investors assess if a given institution is worth enough to buy its stocks or if it’s sustainable enough to grow in the future. Because a company’s value grows and decreases along with its shares, it’s important to track the investment afterward.

Usually, investors spend a lot of time on effective capital management by monitoring trends on the market. They search for best-rated companies and try to anticipate events that indicate an increase or a decrease in a company’s value. However, there are a lot of companies that aren’t transparent when it comes to their revenues and overall condition. It takes a lot of effort to actually be able to state if investing in a given company is a responsible choice. That’s why our client decided to build a system dedicated to ESG rating and investment management.

Momentum from the inside out

We started working on a system that would enable access to all the necessary information needed to assess an investment. Our team included our best front-end and back-end developers and our product designer. We delivered the project working as a tech-partner for the client’s company.

“We were discussing all the project requirements and progress during daily meetings. The company was following the Agile methodology which we specialize in, so the whole collaboration went very smooth”

Krzysztof Gibas
CTO, Idego

The ESG wealth management system had to be integrated with the ESG database of a wide range of companies worldwide. The integration was to be more precise and give detailed insights into companies’ financial condition. Investors would then easily differentiate between businesses’ potential. The data stored in the Momentum is updated on a weekly basis along with ESG scores calculations. The system monitors the market and calculates the ESG scores, taking into consideration news controversies that always impact companies’ ESG profile. The final score is a reflection of the company’s performance and effectiveness based on publicly reported information.

The system enables investors to build their portfolio. They invest through a secure, built-in payment system and then monitor their profits and dividends in a separate section in their profile. The system functionalities were divided into two options: free and premium. The premium account gives an investor access to create reports based on their investment profits. We implemented a statistics module to the system to ensure the reports can be generated on a chosen set of variables.

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Use the full potential of investments with Momentum

Our company provided a system for investment analysis and wealth management that operates on ESG profiles of companies.

Search for sustainable investments

Choose the company’s country, industry, size, and score that you are interested in. The filters make the searching process easier and more convenient. The graph displays the ESG distribution to picture the risk and potential of a given investment. Also, investors can choose how data will be shown on a graph to better understand them.

Monitor ESG scores

See a ranking of Top 10 best-rated companies worth your investing. Momentum collects data of over 500 companies’ ESG profiles worldwide. It offers the most precise calculations of ESG scores and data about news controversies. Choosing the premium account investors can generate detailed reports based on their profits and create their own investment plan.

Construct your portfolio

Develop your ESG strategy and build your own portfolio, buying shares, and a range of asset classes through a secure payment system. “My portfolio” section is where you can monitor the investment profits and manage your capital in a responsible way.

Project summary

Momentum is a fully automated solution that’s based on data collection and market monitoring. Using the system investors have improved their ESG strategy, experiencing a 7% increase in their portfolio. The overall ESG calculations are 30% more precise thanks to better data granularity and market scanning. What’s more, Momentum ensures the risk associated with investment is around 5% smaller. Using the ESG wealth management system, investors can make responsible choices based on real-time market data.

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