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Media Agencies & Influencers App


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Case results

Web application that helps you work out the best influencer collaboration strategy


Cost reduction


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Effectiveness in
progress monitoring

Product Pitch

The product is a web application made for media agencies to manage various PR collaborations. The app helps media agencies to monitor social media activity of influencers by collecting online data and providing an in-depth analysis of their social media profiles. The platform also enables the prediction of future progress based on current reach and results.

Main features

Web application that helps you work out the best influencer collaboration strategy

  • Integration with influencer databases
  • Analytics system implementation
  • Chat system integration
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Companies deciding on influencer collaboration spend a lot of time to find the most suitable one for a given project. We wanted to accelerate and simplify this process by creating a platform to manage all PR collaborations in one dashboard. The idea of the project was to help media agencies choose influencers that are most active on social media platforms and have enough followers to generate visible results for the brand.

Influencers work on different accounts and social media channels. That’s why it’s a long process to verify and analyze all the activity and user engagement coming from one profile. Also, it takes a lot of time later to monitor all the posts and the reach gained from influencer collaborations. The platform had to be designed in a way to display everything in a clear way and enable companies to measure the effectiveness of such campaigns.

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In order to achieve that, the platform had to have access to influencer databases to be able to scrape all the information about their social media profiles and online activity. The data would then be presented on the dashboard where companies can see the age, sex, number of followers, and most popular social media channel of a chosen influencer.

The platform had to be integrated with proper analytics to be able to measure a profile's actual reach and then the effectiveness of the collaboration. The statistics section is where companies can see how much content a person posts, what social media channel has the biggest reach and how much progress we can expect judging by current results.

We made the app able to monitor the behavior of users of the social media platform. The progress predictions are made on the basis of the number of likes, shares and comments gained by a chosen influencer.


Our hard work resulted in the media agencies & influencers app - a platform able to monitor the success of influencer collaboration.

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Using the app, companies can:

Monitor posting frequency

Thanks to the statistics module, a company can see how much content a chosen influencer generates and what is the reach of a chosen profile. Media agencies can even decide on the social media channel they will use to start a PR campaign by looking at the reach that has been generated on it.

Choose the most effective accounts

By comparing the reach results of all influencers’ accounts, companies can decide on who they will start to work with. They are able to focus on the most effective profiles and this way don’t waste much time.

Predict future progress

The app monitors the online behavior of users and based on that generates a prediction about the future progress of a given account. The prediction shows which type of content (video, questionnaire, post) is most likely to reach a huge number of followers. Predictive analytics is especially helpful for companies not certain about the influencer engagement.

Communicate with influencers

The built-in chat system makes it easy and convenient to contact influencers, discuss the details of the collaboration, and start the work.

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"The collaboration went very smooth and we solved all the tough issues together"

Jakub Spioch
Product Designer

Project summary

The app enables companies to reduce costs connected to PR activities up to 60% by eliminating accounts and marketing channels not worth investing in. Working with the platform helped our client make smart decisions in terms of marketing strategy which in the long term increased brand visibility by 30%. The platform enables 100% effectiveness in monitoring the progress of cooperation and successfully predicts future reach based on current data.

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