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Inpro is an insurance claim management system suitable for individuals and businesses


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Inpro is a web application that serves as a platform for insurance management. The platform enables easy configuration and verification of one’s insurance policy. Customers can use the system to search for, buy, and pay for chosen services. Inpro also allows the insured to report a claim and verify its status through a convenient customer service module.

Main features

Inpro is an insurance claim management system suitable for individuals and businesses

Optimization of the
claim register process

Access to analytics
and reports

Integration with a
payment system

What’s wrong with insurance services?

Regardless of whether you are a company or an individual, the process of getting insurance is associated with a lot of document signing, data verification, and waiting. Customers often aren’t aware of what their actual options are and types of policies they can buy. What’s more, customer service doesn’t always work flawlessly hence the flow of information may not be as effective as it should be.

As a result, the process of insurance claim reporting requires a lot of effort and patience. Not to mention, it’s very often unclear on what condition a claim has been rejected or accepted by agents. On the other hand, insurance companies and brokers spend a lot of time verifying received insurance applications and preparing suitable documents. Where in fact, all of these could be done via an online platform ensuring transparency and ease of communication.

"Inpro was about to be the answer to all needs, providing a system for insurance management and claim reporting."

Piotr Groza
CEO, Idego

Replacing tons of paperwork with a simple user interface

The goal was to provide a system divided on several modules and each dedicated to different types of insurance services. The insurance system was to allow a customer to register their account, having a full range of configuration of their insurance policy. All wrapped up in useful and intuitive design.

Our team started with user accounts and policy order configuration. The insurance system was to show different policy offers divided on categories. By choosing a category, customers would see what type of insurance is available for businesses or individuals. From there, customers would easily enter the policy details section where they would set up their orders. We integrated the platform with the payment system, allowing convenient cyclic payments for the chosen policy package.

inpro mobile payments
inpro mobile insurance settings

Next, we developed a module for insurance claim registering. We wanted to make the process simple and clear by providing boxes to fill in the necessary information. Also, we made it possible for customers to upload files and provide a short description of a loss. This way, clients are not limited only to the boxes and default answers.

We also made a dedicated panel for brokers to monitor sales and build a client base. The analytics section was integrated with a reporting tool to enable detailed report generation based on the chosen set of variables. This way, the insurance system was not only for customer use but for insurance companies to manage clients and services.

sales and operations

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We created Inpro to ease the process of insurance purchase and management

Set up policy details

A customer can view, edit, and modify their insurance details. Entering the policy details section, they see a preview of the chosen insurance package, the price, and insurance number. From here, customers can easily manage payments and invoices.

policy details
insurance claim

Report an insurance claim

Panel for claim reporting ensures easy and clear verification process. Customers know exactly what details the company requires from them. What’s more, they can add their files and description of an accident to help process the case.

Contact your insurance broker

Each customer has a dedicated broker and can contact them whenever they need to. The customer service module ensures quick access to all information and account settings which makes it easier to provide help.

customer service
reports and analyst

Set a goal and measure your progress

The insurance system is not only for the use of customers. Thanks to the report and analytics module, insurance companies can monitor the number of sold insurance packages. The brokers can generate customized reports and set sales target to better manage their work. If they need, they can also download the reports as well as contracts with customers.

Project summary

Inpro contributed to an increase in sales and satisfaction from services. The insurance claim management system help companies and brokers defy suitable products based on the received applications. Using the platform our client’s company experienced a 30% decrease in operating costs as most processes happen online. Inpro offers 75% faster insurance claim verification. It provides transparent communication and a better quality of customer service.

inpro dashboard

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