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Digital Invoice System is an invoicing tool that optimizes settlement procedures, providing your company with


Cost Reduction


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Product Pitch

Digital Invoice System is an invoicing tool that provides a multifunctional and intuitive control panel design. The technology implemented inside the web app ensures the quickest and most convenient access to all your settlements and your client base. Digital Invoice System allows for detailed monitoring and analysis of the company’s financial condition by generating extensive reports based on the chosen set of variables.

Main features

Digital Invoice System is an invoicing tool that optimizes settlement procedures, providing your company with

Automation and optimization
of the settlement process

Integration with
a reporting tool

Direct integration
with a bank account

Integration with
various billing systems

digital invoice system

"We developed a web application that saves time and costs associated with manual invoice management. The product will definitely benefit more companies in the future."

Piotr Groza
CEO, Idego



It all started with the need to optimize and automate the process of issuing recurring invoices.

Back then, our customer relied on Microsoft Excel in which every invoice had to be done manually as there was no option to save an invoice template for a certain client or service. As a result, every month the company would repeat the same process for recurring settlements, investing a lot of time and effort into something that could be automated.

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Another limitation of the tool was the fact that all data was kept in the cloud and for the company, it wasn’t necessarily a safe way to store it. The tool also lacked the feature to create a list of regular clients and products or services provided by the company. They needed an invoice management solution that would not only facilitate the invoicing process but also help them organize their client base.


An ideal solution for us was to develop a web app equipped with all the needed functionalities. Since we had to create the entire software from scratch, there were some decisions to make. Together with our client, we chose to base the product on Python and Django as both technologies enabled us to accelerate the whole development process. We then decided to build the product on a the central server to give app users constant access to current invoices. That also solved the problem of data storage.

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When it comes to design we had many ideas, with the aim of creating a functional, easy to operate interface. We added a navigational menu so to ease the use of the product and make the dashboard more intuitive. The product was meant to be ready-to-use without the need for special instructions so we had to really focus on the level of user experience provided by the app.

We developed Digital Invoice System, working in the Agile methodology while staying in constant contact with the client. This way we could easily discuss new ideas and possible obstacles along the way. Thanks to the work model we managed to accomplish the project on a tight schedule, leaving our client fully satisfied with our work.


We created a web app that allows for replacing paper invoices with a digital invoice system.

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Digital Invoice System is equipped with a set of functionalities that enable you to:

Optimize the process of making recurring invoices

The application allows for invoicing based on saved templates. The invoice data for a particular recurring bill is stored and can be used again in order to optimize and accelerate the process. The templates speed up invoicing, making the process 5 times more convenient. They also reduce the number of errors made while manually filling in the data.

Import incoming payments from clients

The system imports payment information via the mt940 report from a banking platform. After automatic payment verification, it generates payment reminders and sends them to the clients with outstanding invoices. This way the solution ensures a 45% faster payment process as a company doesn’t have to focus on monitoring payment status and informing people about the arrears. Digital Invoice System can also be integrated with, Stripe, or any other automatic payment system.

Automate the invoice sending process

The app not only optimizes the issuing of invoices and the payment monitoring but also the sending process. A company sets up a recurring payment, its date, and the client’s email. The tool automatically sends generated invoices directly to clients and file copies to the Finance Department.

Generate detailed income reports

Thanks to the extensive report module, a company can monitor the revenues over selected weeks, months, or years. It helps the company make better decisions based on the whole history of settlements. The app also has a separate sharing module. It allows the admin to decide what elements of the app other users will have access to.

Manage your client base

Digital Invoice System contains elements of a small CRM system. The app stores all the information regarding the company’s clients. Generated reports in a clear way show the company’s total number of clients, the percentage of new clients, and all the invoice details. The system enables the company to trace not only who made the payment, but also when and why it was made.

Integrate the tool with different systems

The app can be easily integrated with, for example, a storehouse management system. Digital Invoice System directly imports all the data and creates a central list of products. The integration makes all the products are visible in the app and allows them to be added to a company's invoice. The same happens when we integrate the app with a time reporting system. After the procedure, a company has access to a time report and can add it to the invoice. The functionality allows for easy products and services management.

Provide global sale of services

The system has different currencies and tax systems built-in to ease the issuing invoices to clients from abroad. It gives the business an opportunity to sell their services in international markets.

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"Digital Invoice System is a great example of how automation can solve all our problems at once."

Krzysztof Gibas
CTO, Idego

Project summary

Automated invoicing will progress and will cover more and more areas in companies so that people can focus on valuable work instead of repetitive tasks. The solution we created enables companies to save about 30% of costs on just invoicing. It speeds up the payment process up to 45% and provides the most informative and intuitive control panel to manage all clients and services. Incorporating Digital Invoice System into your business, you get full control over your income and a detailed insight into the financial condition of your company.

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