web and mobile app
for fishermen

Fishnatic - mobile and web application
Fishnetic is a mobile and web application for passionate fishermen. The app is multi-functional and unites the group of fishermen, allowing them to interact with each other or track their success.


  • InVision
  • Figma
  • Zeplin


  • 2x designer
  • 2x developer


  • 2018


The creation of a coherent and adjusted message addressed to a modern group of fishermen was one of the main challenges of the Fishnatic project. The logo sign refers to the functionality of the battle and to the badge used to mark the attractiveness of the catch (catch attractiveness system).
Fishnatic - mobile and web application


Classic burger user flow 80+ screens 170+ total working hours Our research helped to define new functionalities, re-group existing ones, systematize the user flow and. above all, make the stakeholders aware of the ideas, ideas that are worth attention and which are exceeding the budget and unfeasible in the planned version.
Fishnatic - mobile and web application

UI System

Fishantatic is used in most cases outdoors. Font and colors have been chosen in such a way to meet the WCAG 2.0 contrast condition, thus enabling comfortable use during variable lighting conditions.
Fishnatic - mobile and web application


Purpose: associated with water, but different than the common apps.
Fishnatic - mobile and web application

Selected Screens

One of the key customer requirements was to create a project consistent with the idea of Material Design Design, thus cutting the cost of expensive development. 75% o materials used are based on ready-made Google components adapted and redesigned to existing functionalities.
Fishnatic - mobile and web application

Landing page

Fishnatic - mobile and web application

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