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Fashion marketplace is a web application that meets all user`s expectations towards online shopping


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fashion marketplace product pitch

Product Pitch

High-Fashion Marketplace is a web application that serves as a platform for the purchase of second-hand high-fashion items. The web app enables users to create their own profiles which they can use to search for and buy original goods from other people. They can also sell their own pieces. The platform verifies if the product is fake, this way providing people with a trusted source to buy high-end fashion items.

Main features

Fashion marketplace is a web application that meets all user`s expectations towards online shopping

Product authenticity

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payment systems

Chat system



The main goal was to provide users with a trusted source where they can sell and buy original fashion products. The kind of online second-hand store that would be dedicated to high-end items, verified in terms of authenticity.

When buying high-end pieces, people often enter online stores where the products imitate the originals but are made of cheap materials that are not worth the price. The fake market has grown to such an extent that it has become difficult to distinguish real products from the fake ones.

The platform was to enable users to purchase and sell fashion items without the need for double-checking their quality.

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"The project definitely wasn’t simple, but our Agile mindset helped us cover every aspect before product launch."

Krzysztof Detlaf
Project Manager


Our biggest challenge was to ensure the items put on the marketplace are authentic pieces, not fake. For this purpose, we developed a system for product quality and authenticity verification that scans the real product and compares it to the item published on the fashion app. Sometimes the only thing that distinguishes a fake from the original is the location of a logotype or a single brand mark.

We wanted to make sure users can easily exchange information about products and communicate with each other when being interested in purchase. It had to work as a simple messenger and enable people to have a proof of transaction.

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The fashion marketplace also had provide a feature to add items to the second-hand section to sell them faster at a lower price. The idea of second-hand section was to list items that highly used or didn’t have a price tag.


For the purpose of trusted and convenient online shopping, we developed High-Fashion Marketplace - a platform that brings all the high-end products together in one place.

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High-Fashion Marketplace is
where you can:

Create your own profile

Users can create profiles and add fashion items that they want to sell through the platform. They can add products they wish to buy to the “favorites” section. Users can also check the completed transactions and others' opinions about the quality of products that are sold on the user's profile.

Buy authentic high-fashion goods

The platform is equipped with a product quality authentication system to increase the likelihood that the products put on the marketplace are original. They can also check the second-hand section to buy products at a lower price.

Sell high-fashion pieces from your personal collection

Users can add high-fashion pieces that they want to sell through the fashion app. After providing photos and a description of the item, it undergoes the quality verification, and is then added to their profile. Users set the price of the item and the shipping options.

Communicate with other users

The fashion app is equipped with a chat system that enables quick and easy communication. Users can request additional photos and videos of the product that can be added and sent immediately via the chat. The conversations are saved in the system to provide proof of transaction.

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"To me, any e‑Commerce platform has to be highly intuitive to enable users to easily search for and purchase products. High‑Fashion Marketplace is a great example of such a platform."

Jacek Żabicki
Product Designer

Project summary

Buying second-hand products is always connected with some sort of uncertainty when it comes to quality. High-Fashion Marketplace builds trust among users, verifying each product before it is published on the app. After the system integration, the platform gained a 90% increase in sales which represents 500 daily transactions. The product received 80% customer engagement in just one month.

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