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Embro - footwear personalization


  • InVision
  • Figma
  • Sketch


  • Digital Product Design


  • 2018

About the project

Embro has been created for people who need to stand out from the crowd through footwear personalization. Embroidery, printing, and painting allow you to create a unique and extraordinary pair of shoes. We had the opportunity to create a website, which the layout was established after User Experience analysis.

UI Elements

Interface elements have been diligently chosen. Icons in the outline form with the applied outline gradient composed of two colors. It refers to the pastel renderings theme. Typography is based on a light, but readable font Vipsy CF.
Embro - footwear personalization Embro - footwear personalization

Design view

We based our design on high quality renders of iconic Jordan shoe 4. The main design challenge was to show all Embro services using one shoe. We have come up with an idea of overlapping large images, controlled by scrolling up / down a page in the browser. The user is able to easily perceive the smallest differences between the successive stages of restoration and customization of footwear.
Embro - footwear personalization

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