Dig assistance application
Dig assistance is an application addressed to excavator operators who expect a precise and high quality of their work. It helps operators to save time and reduce human error on the construction site.


  • Figma
  • InVision
  • Zeplin


  • Product design


  • 2019

A goal

We conducted three weekly sprints to design MVP that could be developed and showed to the first users for testing. Appropriate execution and process of rapid prototyping proved that digital products could be designed quickly.

How does it work?

The operator starts his work by loading a file with the task, selects the place where he begins work, calibrates the sensors of the device, and then proceeds to dig following the guidelines on the screen.

Interface animation

"Just in 4 weeks, we went through some first ideas about the product to high fidelity User Interface and deliverables for our development team. Their understanding and proficiency were invaluable in creating a highly sophisticated product in Industry 4.0."

Jasmus Jakobsen

Head of development

User flow map & Wireframes

One of our primary tasks at the beginning of the project was to organize business requirements & features. We wanted to have access to each function from the bottom menu.
The menu is expanded and accompanies the user on most screens. Wireframes prepared in this way is the basis for correct UI production, saving the number of feedback irritations in the design.
Dig assistance application

Fonts and buttons

The primary users of the project have set the requirement for us:

  • The application must be legible from the operator's seat during work.
  • The buttons must be large enough to be operated by and adult man without accidental presses.
  • Due to the limited space in the operator's cab, the design should be prepared in a vertical version.

Plcaement of the tablet in the excavator is essential for the whole user experience.

We ficysed on classic fonts, Roboto and Roboto condesned, the smallest size being 16dp and the largest 96dp. Action buttons as, well as Google buttons and radio buttons, have been increased by 1.5 times compared to the standard version of Material Design.

Dig assistance application

Sample screens

Dig assistance application

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