Auto parts exchange app
For the purchase of used car parts in real‑time

Auto parts exchange app: dashboard

The app enables the easy
purchase of second‑hand car parts

We created a web application dedicated to the purchase and sale of used car parts. After signing in, users can easily search between different offers and find the exact car part they are looking for. They can also add an item for sale. The platform enables real-time communication with sellers and buyers and a convenient payment system.

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Auto parts exchange app

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Web application for the exchange of used car parts in real-time


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Main features
Web application for the exchange of used car parts in real-time

User registration system

Integration with different payment methods

Built-in message system

Auto parts exchange app: sign in

Connecting typical users
with suppliers

Our client wanted to build an online platform for a used car parts marketplace. The product was targeted at people having trouble finding the right car parts on the web. Buying car parts online is usually associated with the fear of paying too much for poor quality. Delays in contact, together with an insufficient amount of information and a limited range of items, make the online purchase risky and often unsatisfying.

The platform had to be credible, intuitive, and allow free communication between buyers and sellers. It was to solve The issue of credibility was to be solved by building a trustworthy community and offering an intuitive dashboard to request quotes from sellers.

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Let’s get to work
The process began

The main use of the platform was to enable users to purchase car parts and place items for sale. The dashboard is where users would see all the offers with status updates in real-time. After clicking on an offer, users would get more information about an item and its price.

We decided to create a web application with a built-in chat system to enable real-time communication between users. We placed the message section on the navigation menu so that a user could easily notice incoming inquiries.

"As I’m interested in the automotive industry myself, it was very easy for me to identify with a customer in an attempt to build a great user experience."

Jakub Spioch
Product Designer

When it comes to payments, we gave users an option to choose one of the payment methods and handle the transaction via the application. Then the purchase would be monitored in the transaction details section where users can see the order summary.

The functionality of the platform was going to be expanded in the future to allow users to also sell garages and cars. Having that in mind we had to think about the way in which we would help sellers manage different requests. We decided to create a side list of transactions on the dashboard where every inquiry would have its own reference number. That would greatly facilitate the sending of quotes.

Auto parts exchange app: dashboard
Auto parts exchange app: dashboard details

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We created a web application
dedicated to the purchase and sale of used car parts

Registering in the Auto parts exchange app, users can

Purchase & sell used car parts

The dashboard shows all the placed offers with their statuses updated in real-time. Users can either search for and buy the needed items or place car parts they want to sell on the platform.

Compare prices

The auto parts exchange app is a credible source of items and allows for easy comparison of prices of used car parts.

Communicate with each other

The built-in chat system enables buyers to send offer requests to sellers. The sellers can immediately see the inquiry on the message icon and easily respond to it.

Handle transactions through the platform

The web application is integrated with a secured payment system that allows users to decide on a payment method and settle transactions conveniently through the platform.

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Positive feedback
from the app community

The product gained hundreds of positive customer reviews and we successfully met all the needs of the target user. After one month the auto parts exchange app had 1300 registered user-profiles and now generates over 500 monthly transactions. We consider the app as the ultimate place for people wanting to buy or sell car parts, without the need to double-check the offer or the seller’s credibility.