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Process of building your
digital product

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Building a product from scratch


and improving

Building a product from scratch

If all you have is an idea...

Share it with us and we can build it right away

Step 1

Project Kick-off

First, we need to schedule a call during which we get in-depth of your idea for a product.

Step 3

Building a prototype

We start with an MVP which is a prototype of your product equipped with only the necessary functionalities.

Step 5

Delivering the

After a solid testing procedure, your digital product is ready to meet the world.

Step 2
Step 4

Project scoping

On the basis of your idea, we select proper technologies and tools to build it.

Developing full

Then we’re ready to build the end version of your product, providing you with access to its development.

Scaling and improving

If you need to scale your existing solution...

Tell us how big you want it to be

Step 1

Kick-off call

Share your expectations during a quick call with our CTO.

Step 3

Selecting the tech stack

On the basis of your needs, we create an offer for you.

Step 5

Delivering a product
of better quality

After a solid testing procedure, we’re certain you receive your product in a faster and better version.

Step 2
Step 4

Project workshop

Thanks to our expertise in building scalable products, we can lead yours to its best version.

Setting up
a team

We then provide you with remote working software developers ready to level up your product.

Contact our Strategic
Partnership Manager

If you have specific technical requirements, a good step will be to talk to our Strategic Partnership Manager.

During this short call you'll get answers to all your questions and doubts. This is the shortest possible way to start working on your project!

Oskar Pawlicki

How we estimate
your project

There are several things that decide about it

working time

working time

number of developers

number of developers

scope of a project

scope of a project



used technology

used technology

We charge only for hours of developers’ work. If your project turns out to be less complicated, you’re not obliged to pay a fixed price for it. Thanks to this approach, you pay for exactly what you’ve ordered.

build digital product

Schedule a call and
let's build your dream

remote development team

Schedule a call and
let's build your dream

remote working developers

What you gain through our
way of delivering products

We know your industry

10 years’ experience, more than 60 developers, two co-founders, and knowledge of many technologies mean a lot. We create remote teams of programmers, support clients on several lines, and advise them to create the best possible software.

We offer support and maintenance

After the development process is done, we are ready to continuously support and maintain your product.

You generate savings for your business

You don’t have to spend money on recruiting developers for your company. Choosing to work with a remote development team you work only with those specialists who are needed at a given time, on a specific project.

Working with us you save time

Recruitment is often a very long process. Working with Idego developers allows you to significantly reduce the time to implement new projects. This is because we offer experts who are ready to start even today.

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remote development
Strategic Partnership Manager
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