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What is Blockchain

Blockchain (block - block, chain - chain) is, according to the simplest definition, a distributed register of operations carried out in a given network, to which all its users have access and access. Blockchain is characterized by reliability - even if one of the users fails, the others keep the correct data. In addition, it is a transparent and durable system. Get acquainted with blockchain trends!

Generally speaking, blockchain software can be reduced to a decentralization of processes, i.e. exclusion from the central unit scheme. The name is not accidental. In fact, it quite accurately illustrates what this technology is. The registry-based on it consists of data blocks. Each of them has the "end" of the previous one, which allows them to be connected in a chain. Blockchain development services consists of two groups of participants. The first is the parties to the transaction/operation, e.g. the consumer and the borrower. The second group consists of other participants in the peer-to-peer network who certify each other's operation.


Our Key Blockchain Development services


Smart Contract Development


Private Blockchain Development


Custom Blockchain Development




Backed Platforms


Supply Chain Blockchain Development

Technology stack

Our core programming languages in Blockchain

It is difficult to find areas of life, industries or applications that would not even use the seed of AI.
Today, the whole world of technology is moving towards AI / ML. See what popular artificial intelligence applications you can meet.



Python is widely used in services, applications, and programs that we use every day. For example, popular YouTube was mostly written in Python. The choice of language was made due to the need to ensure high performance, as well as the easy implementation of the latest functionalities.



Do you associate companies such as Uber, Spotify, Pinterest, Trivago or TripAdvisor? You probably know at least a few of these companies. All these giants use Java on a daily basis. Java is one of the most powerful programming languages ​​with a huge framework base, in the case of blockchain it also works great



Node.js is a platform built on the basis of the JavaScript, V8 engine from Google. In short - it allows you to run JavaScript on the server-side. The main feature of applications created in the Node.js environment is controlling their events by using the asynchronicity of the input/output (I / O) system.



Ethereum is also a platform that uses blockchain technology and is used to conclude so-called smart contracts. Thanks to the decentralized peer-to-peer network, users can build applications, create scripts or contracts that can be saved in the blockchain.



Hyperledger is a joint initiative of many companies, based on open-source code. It aims to develop blockchain technology in industries where, thanks to the project, you can implement new solutions or improve existing ones. The Hyperledger project leader is the Linux Foundation. It is a non-profit organization, which includes companies such as IBM, Intel, Oracle, Microsoft, Samsung and many other developers.



MultiChain technology is a platform that helps users establish certain private blockchains that can be used by organizations for financial transactions. The simple API and command-line interface are what MultiChain provides us with. This helps to preserve and configure the chain.

Process of Development

Step 1

Getting to know your idea
This is a key moment that thanks to proper communication, can determine whether cooperation will be great or not. At the moment of understanding your needs and future challenges, we can plan communication and programming so that your blockchain project will be secured and 100% completed.

Step 2

Requirement Gathering
This is the moment when, after the initial talks with you - we are preparing detailed documentation based on deep analyses of our technical experts. Thanks to our previous experience in projects - we know exactly what to focus on.

Step 3

Blockchain Framework Decision
The next move for each use-case is to freeze the blockchain system for creating a POC / MVP, including Ethereum, HyperLedger, Corda, etc. It's simply the choice of technology and specifying whether the type of implementation will be private, permitted or public.

Step 4

Minimum Viable Project Development
Proof of Concept generally includes a solution document which shows the architecture of the system to be developed on a blockchain platform. After the POC, the production of MVP is a critical and laborious stage in which maximum time is spent behind the scenes on producing a working product.

Step 5

Launching a blockchain software & support
We're beginning to release the project in collaboration with all the staff, from distribution to service. Our quality assurance experts check the device after the release to make sure it's ready for manufacture. Finally, to ensure their continuous operation, we outline support and maintenance processes for your project.

What makes Idego Group the perfect Blockchain development company?

The diversity of industries for which we have delivered blockchain solutions is our domain. We created for healthcare, automotive, information technology, insurtech and fintech. We develop blockchain projects that are used by clients around the world. We are real specialists who know very well about creating security for systems and smart contract development. We create investment platforms and support the largest InsurTech companies.

Over 60 talented blockchain software providers who are just waiting for a unique idea that they turn your blockchain project into a revolutionary solution. 10 years of experience in creating remote programming teams meant that we are able to communicate well.


Investing platform for institutions


We've created a platform that allows you to invest in real estate, bonds, data assets, investment funds and more. Investing through this solution was to be possible from around the world, which will be a great thing. This solution will be made in the form of a platform for the game on the "market".


  • Front-end development
  • Backend development
  • System maintenance

We've used blockchain securization here. This solution is based on so many markets, legal and tax systems that blockchain will find its perfect application here. In this platform, the validation of institutions that want to invest in an investment also plays a huge role.

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