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Benefits of working with remote software engineers

Regardless of whether you have an idea for a product or your product already exists, choosing to work on it with remote software engineers is a great decision. What’s more, it’s a direction in which many companies are heading right now. From one side, there is the current pandemic that pushed some firms to start practicing such a strategy but there are more benefits that hide behind the decision. 

Today we discuss the characteristics of work with a remote team to help you see the reason why it’s good to make a switch from onsite only development.

What benefits you gain by working with a remote team of specialists 

Talking about hiring external team forces, the word remote makes a difference. 

Access to a worldwide pool of talents

According to a report by HackerRank, about 40% of employers admit that talent shortage is a problem when hiring software developers

It might be a problem when you limit yourself to your company’s location. Fortunately, remote means the developers can support your project from literally anywhere. Your company may be in Canada while your team of specialists working for you from Poland. And yes, you can expect the same or even higher quality delivered. 

Access to talented developers from all around the world allows companies to deliver high-quality products without limiting to a certain technology. If you can’t find a specialist in a given field in your location you can actually find him somewhere else in the world and start a remote collaboration. It’s really not that difficult!

Limitless possibilities in terms of a project scale 

Expanding your team with remote software engineers is piece of cake in comparison to hiring someone onsite. When you find a good company that provides you with specialists you can easily scale the size of your development crew. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right software house for your project. 

On the other hand, finding a developer to work for you permanently is a much bigger undertaking. Starting from the whole recruitment process (that can take a lot of time) and ending with paper signing and onboarding. Usually, there’s no time for such actions. When the project expands, you need support immediately. 

When you can easily scale your human resources there’s no limits regarding project scope or requirements. The size of a remote team can be easily adjusted to your current needs –  expanded or reduced depending on your decision. 

Increased productivity  

A study on Motivation and Autonomy in Global Software Development revealed that introducing SCRUM to a team of experienced remote team members increases their motivation levels.

Giving people the freedom of choice in terms of the work environment and work hours has shown positive effects on overall productivity. It doesn’t surprise us at all! 

When you ensure the right communication channel, onboarding process, and sense of autonomy to each of your team members, they’ll have perfect conditions for delivering results above the average. 

remote software developers

Saving in-house resources 

When hiring remote developers you don’t need to spend the company’s funds on the physical workplace. Obviously, if your team works remotely they won’t visit your big and fancy HQ. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one, but you don’t need to invest in the additional workspace to hire more people. 

Not to mention, all the additional costs such as medical care or life insurance that aren’t required in this case. Savings will come also from the fact that it’s cheaper to work with remote developers. Here’s you can read about software development prices across Europe. 

Switching to a remote team, you can significantly reduce your operational costs and save the in-house resources for emergency situations. This way you provide your company with the best conditions for growth. 

Continuous support regardless of the time 

When working with remote software engineers from a different country or continent than yours, you get the advantage of the different time zones. Because of the gap between you and your team, your business can run 24/7. 

How is it so? When you need to immediately introduce changes to your product it’s usually not possible unless your team works at night. But working with a remote team you and your developers may have overlapping work schedules and this way the modifications and deployment can take place even on the same day. This way you have an emergency crew that ensures the continuous support.  

Your success depends on the people

The people we choose to work with are the important human factor that directs us to success. Of course, the product idea, market analysis, and collected resources are crucial but we should never forget who eventually builds our solution. Because it’s their skills and approach to work that will reflect on the final product quality. 

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