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We have a free
consultation for you!

We have a free consultation for you!

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1. What if it fails?

This doubt comes from having a very fragmentary knowledge about outsourcing or nearshoring that has already been concretized. Fear of putting out a piece of your business is normal. And disappears with the first cooperation with an external team of programmers. At the moment when you will see how much it relieves your work and creates space for you to create creative things. You’ll just be pleased.

2. I will not have control over what developers are doing

Your way of recruiting programmers to the office is automatically associated with higher costs. Office, convenience for employees, providing developers with appropriate conditions. When you delegate the part of software development to another team of developers. Which are located in a nearby country, or the company which has similar cultural patterns, it will simply be cheaper.

3. Where can I find the right developers and software house?

The question should sound like – where can I find ANY programmers. Not to mention the quality of their work. Fortunately for you, you are not in a position to worry about this issue. All these issues are taken by the software development company.

Piotr Groza
Idego Group's CEO

Piotr Groza
Idego Group's CEO


Backend development
that makes the difference

Over 10 years of creating solutions that make life easier for people around the world. Automotive, E-commerce, Fintech and Insurtech - we know those industries. We use the latest technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning or IoT.

Trust real professionals, don't risk your project.


Back-end services | Case study

Bot mitigation engine that
protects web apps

  • AI Software Development
  • System Maintenance
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Product Design
Main features
  • Automated detection of negative bot activity
  • Implementation of machine learning
  • Integration with a statistics module
  • Python
  • Django

Guardomic provides websites and web applications with an 80% security boost. It blocks hostile bot activity and monitors requests coming from different sources. This way we get insight into the server status and can increase our performance online even by 50%. With 3 times less bot interference, our work is much more smooth, convenient, and most importantly safe.

Case Study: Guardomic


software specialists

60 developers +

We have proven front end developers who have been with us for years. In addition, we are still growing, so there will be more of us!


Solid IT company

10 years of


We support our clients with teams of experienced developers for 10 years. We know current trends and challenges. We know how to create beautiful applications that are liked by users around the world!


Agile Team

Agile approach

We are agile, our developers deliver tasks regularly, which means that creating your project goes smoothly without any breaks.

Backend development stack



Node. JS is a platform that allows you to run JavaScript. The platform provides an API whose widest (but not the only) application is the creation of websites based on event-driven programming.



Django is an open-source framework for creating web applications written in Python. It has been designed to be able to quickly and easily perform typical tasks related to creating websites, thus maximally simplifying the process of creating complex, database-based applications.



Python is an object-oriented programming language, which is distinguished by its dynamics, ease of learning and many possibilities of use. The guiding idea that guided its creators was the desire to ensure readability of the source code.



Java is a high-level general-purpose programming language. It is fully object-oriented, except for a few simple types. Java is easily portable as it is interpreted by a Java cross-platform Java Virtual Machine.



Spring is an application framework and a reverse control container for Java applications. The main framework functions can be used by any Java application, but its extensions are mainly intended for creating web applications.



Flask is a micro web application framework written in Python. It is classified as a micro-framework because it does not require specific tools or libraries.

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cto - Chris Gibas

Chris Gibas

CTO / co-founder

Process of developing backend solution



Understanding your needs

You have an idea and you need a proof of concept. Share your idea with us, we will validate it, and help you build your first prototype.




This approach allows you to test whether an idea makes sense at all. It gives a huge advantage over the "classic" approach to introducing products for sale.




When we create your project we use the Agile methodology as efficiently as possible. In addition, you have insight into the entire creation process.




Our development team will refine your project after it launches. The adaptation of the project to the customer should be done all the time.

Cooperation is our first name
Backend is our surname

When creating a backend of a solution, we love to share knowledge - thanks to this we become even better with each project.

What our clients say

We are now able to get things done more quickly, and we are more accurate with our quotations for clients.

CEO, BF International


It was clear that they are very skilled and have deep knowledge of [Django and Python].

CEO, Beauty Treatment
Online Marketplace


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