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What is Artificial Intelligence Development?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be defined as the field of knowledge dealing with the search for solving techniques - and their formal formulation allowing machine implementation - difficult problems, i.e. those which people solve - more or less straining their intellect - but which are accurate and general solution algorithm can not give.

Over 40% of us deal with AI software development every day, but only every second person can explain what the term actually is. Today, artificial intelligence is no longer an avant-garde concept - it is even the technological reality of the 21st century that companies must get used to. A new Gartner survey revealed that the number of AI development implementing organizations has increased by 270% over the past four years, and has tripled over the past year.

By using machine learning and analyzing large data sets, AI services are able to provide companies with deep insight into their clients. Not only will businesses be able to hyper-personalize interactions, but they can also predict future customer behavior based on the information collected.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – is it the same thing?

Machine Learning is part of AI software development or computational intelligence and deals with algorithms for analyzing data and learning based on this data, and then using the acquired knowledge to e.g. predict something. There are four main types of machine learning: supervised, semi-supervised, unsupervised and amplified.

One of the most commonly used areas of Machine learning is IT and the Internet. It is useful, among others, in detecting fraud, attempting to phishing data. Of course, there are many uses. The essence is the ability of prediction, i.e. the ability of the developed model to predict future events and the ability to explain the process that led to the creation of dependencies in the data set.

Our AI Services

It is difficult to find areas of life, industries or applications that would not even use the seed of AI.
Today, the whole world of technology is moving towards AI / ML. See what popular artificial intelligence applications you can meet.


Computer vision

is one of the skills of artificial intelligence, focused on recognizing the content of images - objects, people, landscapes, symbols, texts found in photos or graphics, etc. The process resembles the task of "describing pictures" known from kindergarten or primary school. Depending on the algorithms available, Computer Vision is directly connected with AI and can more or less effectively distinguish between those features of the content it targets.



in the case of gaming, a classic game - chess - can be a very good example. In this case, AI and ML have experienced incredible skills and are able to win with the greatest chess grandmasters in the world. When it comes to computer games, here also AI analyzes how the player plays and adapts to his playing style and tries to circumvent him.


Natural Language Processing

thanks to the combination of machine learning and AI - the robot is able to learn its natural language from man and thanks to this we can talk to Alexa, listen to Google Assistant jokes.



it is an industry where no error can come in, often small mistakes lead to millions of losses. AI in cooperation with Machine Learning reduces the degree of possible error to a minimum.


Automotive industry

here, a great example will be autonomous cars that are able to travel huge distances without human intervention. This is an industry in which AI software development and ML has developed a lot and is probably one of the examples of the most effective application.



a flagship example in the healthcare industry, which turned out to be very useful in the life of doctors was the AI ​​analysis of test results. The AI software can predict diseases with great precision. Thanks to this detailed AI analysis, we can come to a precision analysis of the results to which humans have not yet reached.

Why you should decide on AI development

Advantages of investing in AI software development

AI development it’s the first step to boost the performance of a business. Artificial Intelligence can sound like a very complex and expensive solution which in the long run may violate our private data. But that’s just a stereotype about this technology hold by people who believe in the future machinery rebellion.

In fact, AI technology has gained so much popularity through the years that today every second website or application is AI-powered. Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, or Computer Vision are things that simply irreplaceable. And we don’t want them to be because they are so brilliant and useful. AI technology is used across sectors such as transportation, education, manufacturing, retail, customer service, healthcare, banking and finance, and even government. It can help you make smarter decisions and provide a better user experience to your target audience.

84% of companies state that the main reason for investing in AI software development is the ability to surpass the competition.

There is a chain of benefits that come along with the idea to implement an AI solution to your business. Our custom web application development company will guide you through them all.

Automation equals efficiency

Certainly, the biggest change you will experience is the increase in your company performance. Implementing machine learning to your business you get an incredible boost in data processing and efficiency. According to studies, computer vision is able to process images up to 1000 times faster without losing accuracy and focus. With that speed of processing, your company can spread wings and deliver services at a higher rate.

Reduced number of errors

Humans are prone to errors. That’s why AI is such a relief as it doesn’t make a single mistake. It “learns” all typical, repetitive tasks usually performed by humans and takes care of them while we can focus on the growth of your company.

Increase in quality of services

Artificial Intelligence reduces the number of errors during work which reflects on the final quality of your services. Small companies that don’t have enough resources to deliver products in a given timeframe are the first on the list to benefit from machine learning and automation. AI-powered solutions are smarter, faster, and are able to work 24/7 to always deliver high-quality. Increased quality of your services gives a boost to user experience and makes your customers even more satisfied with your product.

Decreased fixed costs

There is a number of expenses that you can get rid of with the help of AI software development. Your savings will come from the automation of all the repetitive tasks, efficiency improvement, and reduced errors. Amtrak, the US railway company used a chatbot to provide customer service which saved them over $1 million. Think about how much you can save just from simple automation of one of the processes in your company.

Assistance in anomaly detection

A combination of AI abilities gives you the best assistance in anomaly detection. Anything from fraudulent activity to quality control can be detected and analyzed by the AI-powered solution. It enables secure software development and software testing.

Optimized ROI

First, you need to invest to leverage an AI solution to your business. Once it’s done, your revenues will only go up. AI software development contributes greatly to the cost optimization hence your return on investment will successively grow which gives you an opportunity to expand your business.

The power, control, and scope of application that the AI development can give you are incomparable to any other technology. Investing in AI software development is the first smart decision one can make to bring the business on a completely new level. Top custom software development companies gain huge profits every day just by using AI technology and you’ve just found true professionals in this field.

There is no time to waste. Hire our development team, and let’s start work on your AI-powered software!

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Process of AI Development


Our AI technology



is an object-oriented programming language, which is distinguished by its dynamics, ease of learning and many possibilities of use. Scikit and TensorFlow are two popular machine learning and AI libraries available to Python developers.



is a high-level general-purpose programming language. It is fully object-oriented, except for a few simple types. Java is easily portable as it is interpreted by a Java cross-platform Java Virtual Machine. The best in terms of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning in JAVA will be a framework called Weka.



there are over 1.6 billion web sites in the world, and JavaScript is used on 95% of them. The scripts themselves are responsible for interactivity by responding to events, checking forms or creating elements. Brain.js is an open-source JavaScript library used to run artificial intelligence and process neural networks.

What our company can do for your business?

Our 10 years of experience in the industry has meant that we have over 60 great developers on board. Many of them know AI and Machine Learning almost from the inside. We will familiarize you with your project with great pleasure because every challenge is welcome - we are truly passionate about technology. We approach each project individually because we believe in communication, consistent rules and cooperation based on understanding needs.



We adapt to your needs, project specifics and current challenges. If you need additional developers, we'll gladly expand your team.


Receive the AI developers CV in 3 days

It is not worth delaying the start of cooperation. That is why we meet your needs and provide you with the CVs of our developers within a few days.


Trust in 10 years of AI experience

We are not newcomers. We solve real problems, our engineers create high-tech AI projects. Trust the years of experience, time is in favor. We scale our knowledge and experience and share it.


Dozens of projects from many industries

What industry are you from? E-commerce? Automotive? Insurtech? FinTech? We've created for the largest and most niche industries on the market. We are happy to talk about your project.


We will adapt the technology to you

We will adapt to your current team of developers or create a new team for you. This means one thing, using the right language and framework. We know how to do it.


Daily agile communication

We believe only in 100% transparency. If we are to cooperate only on clear terms, the same applies to communication. Agile and daily updates are a core thing for us.

Our previous AI development projects

Nudity Detection API


We've created a solution based on AI technology. The main intention in creating the project was nudity detection, proper categorization and pixelization. Thanks to the appropriate classification with a very high dose of probability, AI knew what kind of nudity this was. This solution allowed to relieve people who had to browse thousands of photos every day.


  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • System maintenance

Nudity Detection and Abusive Content Classifier

As a result, we've created an API to which, after pasting the URL with the photo, we could, in addition to the mere nudity, be examined using AI - sex, age, emotions. We created all the software based on the Agile approach. This solution saved hundreds of hours and streamlined work.

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