Ubuntu is a Debian-based Linux operating system that has Unity as its default desktop environment.Ubuntu development is led by UK-based Canonical Ltd. which is a company owned by Mark Shuttleworth, a South African entrepreneur.  Revenue is generated through other services related to Ubuntu and the sale of technical support. The Ubuntu project has been publicly committed to the open source development principles; people are encouraged for using free software, studying how it works,  distributing it and improving upon it.

A default installation of Ubuntu consists of a wide range of software which includes Firefox, LibreOffice ThunderBird, Transmission, and various lightweight games like Sudoku and chess. A number of additional software packages that include titles no longer in the default installation like GIMP, Evolution, Synaptic and Pidgin can be accessible from the built in Ubuntu Software Center and any other APT based package management tool. Other Microsoft Windows applications and Execution of Microsoft Office might  be facilitated through the use of a virtual machine or through the Wine compatibility package like VMware Workstation or VirtualBox.

Ubuntu Software Centre gives you an instant access to a number of great applications —  some available commercially and some free. You may also search for applications directly from the Dash. You can get more information if you see something you like and then install it in just a couple of clicks.

The Ubuntu Software Centre also offers a range of applications which make learning engaging and fun. Every application comes with reviews and ratings  making it easier for you to decide the kind of apps you wish to install. You may also pick up some great games directly from the Ubuntu Software Centre, since Ubuntu has teamed up with the regular Humble Indie Bundle charity sales. You may pick from critically acclaimed titles like Limbo and FEZ, Braid and Bastion.