Project Management

In short, it is a specialist in all fields, responsible for supervising designated projects in the company. To better illustrate the role of the project manager, the phrase “heart and brain of the project” comes to mind. Efficient running of key projects for the organization from beginning to end, not exceeding deadline – is only a small part of the duties incumbent on the project manager.

An effective project manager should have well-developed interpersonal communication skills. However, it is important to be able to assemble a well-chosen project team and to act as the team leader. Utilizing all his knowledge and experience, he must make the most of the capabilities of the employee team and organization, skillfully managing his time and his subordinates. During the implementation of the project there are often conflicts, problems or misunderstandings. Project management is an area that a few years ago few said anything. Today, however, most companies (especially from the B2B industry) would not be able to function effectively without having professional project managers in their ranks.