Django free book

Grab your free book with Django and Celery

What is Celery and how to use it? Sometimes one may face a problem with running code periodically, e.g. once per hour or once a day. For example, Packt Publishing offers Free Learning program where you can grab free e-book every day. But what if one day you can’t be online or just simply forget […]

Paging through the changes in Django Rest Framework 3.1

Django Rest Framework is by far the most popular solution for providing APIs in the Django universe (with tastypie being a viable alternative). During last years summer – the project creator – Tom Christie – started a kickstarter campaign aimed at fueling his effort to get to the next major release – the funds were […]

How Django uses metaclasses

In this post I will explore Python metaclasses. There are many great posts out there explaining the mechanics and possible usages of metaclasses. Not many of them try to examine the actual usage in popular libraries though – so here’s a niche I will try to fill with this article. I’ve chosen Django as my […]

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