Why is IDEGO a perfect workplace? 5 reasons why you should join us. Now.

  What do you imagine as a workplace of your dreams, where you can not only earn a decent money for a job you like doing, but also be happy, content and have an impact on your self-development? For us, the answer is simple – Idego. And while others can blow their own trumpets, we […]

How we analyzed the whole Web to see what people embed on their websites. For 300 euro.

One of IDEGO’s clients recently asked us to perform a very interesting data extraction. While we cannot exactly disclose the sort of information they were looking for, we certainly can describe the process and our approach using a similar example. We will create a script that finds <object> and <embed> tags on web pages and […]

To outsource or not to outsource? The benefits of IT outsourcing.

  • March 27, 2018 

Is outsourcing a buzzword, or a real future for many brands, companies and agencies? What does it mean to outsource and are there any benefits of it?   For many, outsourcing can cause a lot of stress around a project. For others, it’s a way of leading and managing their services that can help them […]

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